When the thought of vehicle tracking systems come to mind, most people might think of mail delivery companies or theft prevention. Both are important uses for the service, but not the only reason for a company to want to track its vehicles. Keeping track of your vehicles can aid not only in the bottom line for your company, but also to improve customer service. These two factors are ones that can set you apart from your competition and improve your client retention and profitability of your company. We have found that with companies that have employees that work remotely, their manager you will want to know what they are doing. Vehicle tracking systems can helps us managers in streamlining how employees perform their job. Many clients find that their employees are not taking the most direct route, or may be performing side tasks while on the job. Tracking the fleet allows our clients to stay one step ahead and catch these issues when they first arise. Knowing where their vehicles are at any time can also aid in finding the closest employee to respond to an emergency situation. One final benefit of course is tracking vehicles when they are stolen. We never want to hear this has occurred for a client, but with our system we are proud to say we can help them recover those vehicles quickly working together with local law enforcement officials for vehicle recovery.